What is Linear & Acoustic Wave Therapy?

Pulse Wave Therapy, a term encompassing two different, but related technologies: Linear & Acoustic Wave therapy, is used to treat certain orthopedic conditions and to treat Erectile Dysfunction. These Pulse Wave Therapies are used to break up the blockages that impede proper blood flow, stimulate the growth of new blood vessels, and rejuvenate damaged tissue.


How Does Pulse Wave Therapy Help Me?

acoustic wave therapy treatment for orthopedic and erectile dysfunction usesLinear & Acoustic Wave Therapy work by triggering the body’s own natural healing process. In a process known as angiogenesis, the body forms new blood vessels improving blood flow to the affected area, aided by Pulse Wave Therapy. The energy waves also aid in the removal of built-up micro plaque in the blood vessels. In some applications, the energy waves are used to break up scar tissue in older injuries.

A doctor’s examination will result in a diagnosis of the patient’s condition and a prescribed treatment plan. Multiple treatments are generally required to bring about the desired results; the number and frequency of treatment sessions is determined at the time of the exam. Treatments are short, in-office, non-invasive, and the patient can resume normal activities immediately following treatment.

So which treatment is best for my condition?

Since Flagstone Medical specializes in both Acoustic Wave & Linear Wave Therapies, we are are not limited to only one treatment method for your condition. Every body is different as is every condition and can’t all be treated with one method. Contact us today to schedule your first consultation and see what treatment is right for you!

Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy (APWT)

Also referred to as radial wave therapy, this type of wave therapy is generally used for the treatment of injuries near the surface of the skin, such as plantar fasciitis treatment. This cutting edge process involves the use of low-intensity sound waves, leading to the neovascularization of the affected area.

Focused Shockwave Therapy (FST)

Relies on an energy wave produced by an electromagnetic pulse, and is generally used for deeper, more localized pain points such as chronic insertion tendonitis or deep trigger points. Also referred to as Linear Wave Therapy.

Erectile Dysfunction & Peyronie's Disease

Both Linear & Acoustic Wave Therapy can be used, depending on the specific symptoms.  After the doctor’s diagnosis, a course of treatment will be prescribed using either APWT, FST, or a combination of the two to fix erectile dysfunction.

Are you ready to end your pain for good?

Request an appointment below with our Tucson or Long Beach offices for your initial consultation. Let us help you determine if our quick, painless, and lasting treatment with linear & acoustic wave therapy is right for you.

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