how to massage scar tissue to break it down

How to Massage Scar Tissue to Break it Down

How to Reduce Scarring with Massage and Acoustic Wave Therapy

If you’re looking for professional help with how to massage scar tissue to break it down, you’re in the right place. Massaging recently developed scar tissue is important because, after surgery or an injury, lumpy and unattractive scar tissue can develop if left untreated. This happens because collagen cells clump together, which requires massaging or acoustic wave therapy to break them down to restore their natural structure.

This is essential because normal and healthy collagen cells have to be appropriately aligned to maintain their strength. Massaging your scar also prevents the scar tissue from adhering to the tissue underneath.

*This service is currently only offered at our Long Beach location.

When Is It Safe to Massage Scar Tissue?

While massaging can help you remodel your scar tissue, it’s essential to only do so once the scar has matured. Massaging a scar when it’s not fully healed can interrupt the healing process. It can also reopen the scar exposing it to bacteria and infection.

Typically, a mature scar is fully closed, has no scabbing, and is not red or inflamed. It’s best to consult your doctor or a qualified medical person to check if your scar is ready for massaging when in doubt.

massaging scars with wave therapy how to

How to Massage Scarring and Scar Tissue?

Scar tissue management generally includes the following massage techniques:

Cross friction massage. This technique requires you to use one or two fingers to massage the scar while making sure your movements are perpendicular to the direction of the scar line. This helps to ensure collagen fibers are aligned properly. Ideally, cross friction massage should be performed for at least 5 to 10 minutes two or three times a day.

Myofascial release. With myofascial release, the hand motions are slow during the massage, and only light pressure is applied. This method works best to improve movement in areas where there are restrictions of tissue.

Best Practices to Remember

There are a couple of things that will help you make the most of your scar tissue management:

Lubrication. It’s important to use a small amount of oil when massaging your scar tissue as this will keep the tissue pliable, making it easier to massage. Most people use baby oil, vitamin E oil, or simply lotion. Again, remember to only do this with a mature scar to keep the lubricant from causing an infection once it enters the body.

Stretching. It’s also important to engage in stretching and flexibility exercises. So take as much time as you can to stretch your scar tissue gently in addition to massaging. This will also help remodel the scar by elongating it and improving its mobility.

Turn to Flagstone Medical and Acoustic Wave Therapy if Massaging Your Scar Tissue is Not Providing Enough Results

Although massaging scar tissue at home can go a long way towards breaking up scar tissue and preventing adhesions, it might still not provide the level of results you’re seeking. In that case, we recommend medical massage options, such as acoustic wave therapy. You might be thinking- what is wave therapy? Is it effective for massaging away scar?

The good news is, acoustic wave therapy can be more effective in preventing more serious cases of scarring, which is often the case post-surgery. So, how does acoustic wave therapy work? This procedure makes use of low-intensity acoustic waves that stimulate blood flow and accelerate healing in damaged tissue.

Acoustic Wave Therapy can be applied in two manners Radially and Linearly. The first option utilizes lower energy emissions, while the second option utilizes higher energy emissions that are more effective in treating more serious scar tissue damage. At Flagstone Medical, we combine the two methods to help you manage your scar tissue. Both options are great for the following reasons:

● Helps you break down scar tissue painlessly and non-invasively

● Requires no injections or medications

● A recovery period won’t be necessary after the procedure

Benefits of Massaging Scar Tissue

massaging scars with acoustic wave therapy

Overall, there are many benefits of treating scar tissue, including the following:

● Improves mobility and elasticity of the wound’s scar

● Helps improve the appearance of your scar

● Helps you regain feeling and sensation in the affected area

● Decreases numbness and tingling

● Relieves pain

● Restores normal function

Treating scar tissue damage is absolutely necessary to experience these benefits. Otherwise, you might find yourself dealing with excessive scar tissue buildup and a scar with limited flexibility. Acting quickly to treat scar tissue with wave therapy is crucial. Sign up for your consultation now!

Interested in using pulse wave therapy to break down your scar tissue or learning more about this scar management procedure? Flagstone Medical can help you get started, so get in touch!

*This service is currently only offered at our Long Beach location.

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