Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Acoustic Wave Therapy?

Acoustic Wave Therapy is a cutting edge treatment for erectile dysfunction. This procedure uses low intensity sound waves appplied gently over the penis and surrounding area. This is a totally non invasive treatment and pain-free.

How Does It Work?

The low intensity sound waves applied stimulate the growth of new blood vessels, as well as the opening of existing blood vessels. This enhances blood flow to the penis. The result is erections that are firmer and easier to achieve.

Who Can Benefit From Treatment?

Any man who is suffering from vascular erectile dysfunction can benefit from treatment. Men who are currently on oral ED medications that are either not getting the results they desire or are experiencing unwanted side effects should look into Acoustic Wave Therapy.

This is also an effective means of sexual performance enhancement even for those who do not have vascular ED. This is because it increases both sensation and firmness.

Is Treatment Safe?

Soundwaves have long been used to treat kidney disease, heart disease and more. Acoustic Wave Therapy has been used to treat ED for more than a decade in Europe. Multiple studies have confirmed its safety and effectiveness and it has been approved by the FDA for use in the US. As a matter of fact, Acoustic Wave Therapy is the safest treatment that exists for ED.

Does It Work?

Acoustic Wave Therapy’s effectiveness has been proven in various studies and is embraced by the European Association of Urology. Men report increased sexual satisfaction and improved erectile function following treatment.

What Does Treatment Involve?

Treatment is painless and non-invasive. Treatments typically last about 20 minutes long, and it takes between 6 and 12 sessions to achieve the desired results, while improved sexual performance may begin to show itself earlier.

Is There A Recovery Period?

There is no recovery period for Acoustic Wave Therapy. You can go back to your daily routine immediately after your session.

What Can I Expect Afterwards?

After the treatment has been completed, you can expect increased stimulation, enhanced sexual performance, better erectile function, erections that occur more spontaneously, and increased general sexual satisfaction.

Will My Insurance Cover The Cost Of Treatment?

As an elective procedure, Medicare and most private insurance companies do not cover ED treatments. However, we will provide the necessary documentation to submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.

Is The Treatment Affordable?

Compared to the cost of oral or injected pharmaceuticals, acoustic wave therapy is very cost effective, particularly when you consider that it eliminates the root cause of ED rather than just treating symptoms that will never go away without treatment.

Is Financing Available?

Yes! We even offer payment plans with 0% interest. We are committed to getting you the help you need without crashing your budget.